Learning Quiz Game

Mentor: Ivan Mušanović
Students: Karin Peričić, Martina Keser, Erik Mikšič, Leon Galović
Organisation: CTK Rijeka

The cards that we picked were Electrical Engineer, Quality Education, Handicrafts and Grow. From this we came up with the question:

What Handicraft can Electrical Engineer create to help the Growth of Quality Education?

After brainstorming, we came up with the solution in which the Electrical Engineer can use their knowledge of electronics and microcontrollers to create and program a interactive question checker to be used with a provided set of questions. This handicraft will help students to learn in a fun way and thus help to grow quality education.

The project that we did included Arduino for the electronic part, but we also crafted a housing for the physical part of the game from plywood and decorated it so it would look nice. We devised a set of questions and programmed the correct answers into Arduino.