How can a video game designer through animation communicate a message of gender equality?

Mentor: Leire Zubiaurre
Students: Yaiza Sanchez, Elisabeth Lerga, Itsaso Fernandez and Ines Coloma
Organisation: AIN – Asociación de la Industria Navarra

After brainstorming, they came up with different solutions, one of which was that women should not be shown in TV commercials to sell cleaning products, household products (vacuum cleaners, for example).

Another solution proposed was, not to sexualize women in videogames, animations, etc.

Finally, one of them decided to make an animation communicating this message. The animation is about video game creators who have to introduce the main character in the game and are discussing whether to introduce a woman or not. They decide to introduce a woman, and while the boy makes comments that he would not make if it were a man, the girl corrects everything he says.

The other result was a ppt where she explained how to create an animation that talks about gender equality.