How can a marine biologist educate about life below water in a video?

Mentor: Maia Toots, Edith Wallin, Lovisa Lindh
Students: From Dragonskolan and Maja Beskowgymnasiet
Organisation: MTF Labs

A video aimed to teach people about the importance of the UN SDG Life Below Water.

The video will have three main parts.

  1. Talking about the problems in the ocean, eq. the large amount of plastics, how this effects the climate in the ocean, the decrease of marine biodiversity and also how it effects us who are eating fish.
  2. Suggestion of short-term goals, eg. getting more countries focusing on recycling and specifically collecting the garbages on beaches to reduce the amount of garbage drifting out into the oceans.
  3. Suggestion of long-term goals, eg. mentioning the giant islands of plastics in the oceans and how we should get rid of these. In this section it is also going to be mentioned of the theoretical bacteria that can eats plastic and thereby placed into the ocean to help with the clearing of the garbage islands.

To reach people with this film it is planned to be a part of the school curriculum and shown in similar sorts of environments.